Source Widepac Bladders

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Zero Taste & Low Maintenance Hydration Bladder

The Widepac hydration system is our classic water bladder and the preferred choice for hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers and runners around the world.

The patented Wideslide™ wide opening makes filling, cleaning and draining the bladder easier than ever – and it’s 100% leakproof. All Source Hydration Systems are low maintenance & easy care thanks to our unique GlassLike™ and GrungeGuard™ technology. Water stored in a Source Widepac tastes like water and stays fresh for days and even weeks – with no plastic taste thanks to our TasteFree™ Technology!

  • Weight
    2 Liter: 178 g | 3 Liter: 188 g
  • Length:
    2 Liter: 19 cm | 3 Liter: 21 cm
  • Height:
    2 Liter: 35 cm | 3 Liter: 42 cm
  • Water volume:
    2 Liter: Orange | 3 Liter: Green

The wide and unique opening provides convenience for filling and drying the bag while withstanding high pressures.

Exclusive Widepac sheet technology provides a smooth surface glass-like and makes it difficult for bacteria to get caught

Drink water without aftertaste: a three-layer polyethylene sheet that maintains the taste of the water without side aftertaste

An antibacterial supplement that integrated into the sheets, reducing the development of bacteria, for the entire Widepac lifecycle

Glass-Like and Grunge-Guard technology is the new generation of hydration bladder technology. No need to clean the bladder again, just refill and drink again and again. The water will keep fresh for days and even weeks